Increasing the qualifications of teaching staff is very important. Equally, raising salaries for teaching staff is important.

Especially young and beginning teachers have insufficient table income. The fastest way to ensure wage growth is to take part in credit training organized by methodological and pedagogical centers. They are a guarantor of further education of pedagogical staff.

Credits alone will guarantee an increase in wages only for a certain period of time – according to the current wording of the law for seven years. In order for a teacher to be able to guarantee a permanent increase in salary, he / she must complete the first and the type of qualification examination. By law, his wage increases by moving to a higher grade. Along with the increasing length of qualification, the educator can thus at least partially compensate for not very high wages in education.

If a young educator is to spend a lot of time off at the lectures he has to attend to achieve the required credits – which are the benchmarks – he does not have enough time to devote himself to his own family.

It is necessary to prepare for the attestation examination sufficiently in the theoretical level, as well as to prepare the attestation work, which is related in scope to the thesis. Thus, the teacher has a difficult task to combine between family time and the need to raise wages.

Our website solves the needs of teachers in an individual way. On the basis of the requirement, they will prepare the required part of the attestation work for them or prepare it for the whole. The educated teacher has a prepared attestation topic, which he understands sufficiently, and his defense will be a natural part of the successful completion of the attestation examination.