How Is A Case Study Conducted?

Case studies are mainly used in psychology and sociology, and one of the best-known researchers is Sigmund Freud. This type's research involves mostly an in-depth analysis of a person, a group of people, an event, or an organization. However, the list is not conclusive. Typically, the researcher will obtain data from a case study using a variety of methods that include;

  • Observation.
  • Interviews.
  • Questionnaires

Among many other methods of data collection. Case studies came from clinical medicine and later became very much prominent in the social and life sciences. It is also important to mention that in itself, a case study is not a research method; however, the researchers are not limited as they can collect data and analyze it so that it will generate suitable inferable material for use in a case study.

How are case studies conducted?

Case studies are very much different from other research design methods in that;

  1. A case study is using data collected through direct means to provide an account of the comportment.
  2. The researcher will also provide an account of events from his or her own perspective and then provides detailed information from direct data collection and other sources as the case study. The researcher, using the data, then interprets the meaning.
  3. In most cases, the case study designs usually involve the researcher observing what is happening to, or reenacting the case history of a participant or group of individuals.
  4. When it comes to obtaining information, the interviewing technique is usually instrumental. The interviewing technique may be used to receive comments from a person other than the subject who has a good knowledge of the issue.

Analyzing data collected using case studies

The data collected using a case study can be analyzed using different methods and theories. By interpreting data from a case study, the researcher is deciding what to include or even leave out. A good case study clarifies the factual information or that which an corollary or the researcher's opinion.

Use Of Case Studies in Business Environment

Case studies are believed to be used in social and life sciences, but they can also be applied in a business set up. For instance, a marketing case study can be one of the most compelling content items in a sales funnel. Using data from a case study, business management teams can guide people through the decision phase if they have the best options already laid up. By the time the business is ready to read a case study, it means that they have already faced the problem, understood it, and are considering various solutions before them. A case study usually comes in handy to guide the management on the best course of action.


Case studies are an excellent way to understand a problem and come up with a variety of solutions. However, they should not be used as the only research method because they are limited in scope. Besides, a case study should not be used in all situations; specific areas can be used.

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